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"When you experience it, watching Superheroes Who Are Super! is like joining Bertolt Brecht reading comics on acid in a room full of friends. And everyone is in it together." - Daniel Imperiale,

"Even without fancy props, any sort of proper set, or anything more than some classic “where there’s a will there’s a way” theater DIY, the cast of SwaS blew the comedic doors off the upstairs theater at Plays and Players." - Philly "Art" Blog

"Critics of "Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark" complain that it's an expensive, self-serious production with little heart. So, what would happen if a show about superheroes tried to do the exact opposite? Save The Day Productions is on it." - Molly Eichel, Philadelphia Daily News

"My first experience with Superheroes Who Are Super! was during the Fringe Fest this past September and what a fun time it was!" - Mary E. Brickthrower, Geekadelphia

"Clearly, we're not delving into Shakespeare, but the cast and directors understand this, and rightfully give the audience appropriate winks and nods." - Sriram Gopel, DCist

"Minimal props and improv-class recreations of the widescreen action sequences from the comics are a predictable source of funny." - Chris Klimek, Washington City Paper

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